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    Trimaran moored to the dock

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    Upwind trimaran off the Brittany coast

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    Roof trimaran Drekan Groupe

Ocean Addict specialise in racing trimaran Multi50 charters, operates a charter business based in Brest and Loctudy harbour, Brittany, French. We pride ourselves in offering hands-on sailing experiences on our multihull. Whether adventure sailing or competitive racing we can create a charter package that suits you.

Discover the unique quality of collaboration and team building that only a day at sea can offer. Share safely some unique moments of pleasure and friendship. Whatever your expectations, you’ll find, and even exceed, them

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Ocean addict is wearing MACtac TuningFilm

MAC Tac get onboard with Ocean Addict MACtac, world leader in the manufacturing of self adhesive film, had joined the trimaran Ocean Addict with a new technical partnership. The MACtac adhesives ...

Participate in an offshore race on a trimaran

Ocean addict offers you to realize this dream to be part of the Armen race, the Record SNSM or Cowes Dinard aboard a 40-foot racing trimaran. Hop on individually to live an exceptional ...

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